I have failed my people.

August 7, 2009

Warning: This is a vapid fashion post. You will be seeing lots of them.

After many a posting (on another site) about how you can wear heels! And I wear heels! And all you have to do is throw your hips into it! And don’t kick your feet out in front of you for that is tacky! I have failed you.

I stopped wearing heels when I was having nerve problems in my back a few years ago. Heels had become painful to my left hip and back and so I retired them. About a year ago I started to miss them, but I was working at an activewear store and wasn’t allowed to wear them. (And they wouldn’t have matched anyhow.) Recently I’ve wanted to step my wardrobe up a notch and so I’ve purchased a few pairs and pulled some classics out of my closet and y’all? I haven’t made it an entire day yet. My ankles have lost all of their strength because it’s been so long since I’ve worn heels with any regularity. And they aren’t even that high! I feel so clumsy and juvenile. I’VE BEEN WEARING HEELS SINCE I WAS FIFTEEN, PEOPLE. How can this be? I have to retrain myself! Also: true confession–As much as I *say* “oh, pain is beauty” –I don’t like to be uncomfortable. So as soon as those straps start digging into my toes as I’m running around the (huge, concrete) floor at work? I’m like, “Fuck this,” and I put my girly sandals back on.

And lo, I am ashamed.


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