T minus One Day

August 11, 2009

At some point, fairly recently, I claimed to be excellent at packing. I’m sure I expounded on the many times we moved during my childhood, and then I mentioned the many times I’ve flown in the past several years.

Y’all? That was a lie. I am not a good packer. I am a “put several things in a suitcase at the very last minute, change my mind, end up buying clothes at my destination because I was unhappy with my options at home, keep things (like hair mousse and mascara) at David’s place because I had to buy them because I forgot to pack them, remember everything of Leila’s but nothing of mine, then buy too much at the Asian grocery store and am barely able to fit everything in my suitcase on the way home” packer. As I sit here writing this, Leila has an outfit for each day, two bathing suits, pajamas for each night, and two or three “extra” outfits in case the weather is awful or she stains something or whatever. I have two pairs of pajamas, a nightgown, ONE outfit, three backup outfits in case I don’t find anything when I go shopping tomorrow, a shirt I know I am taking but am not sure what bottom I am wearing with it, a backup shirt, a pair of jeans in case the weather is weird, and I have my outfit and Leila’s outfit for the plane laying out. Oh, and a cardigan, two bracelets, and a pair of hoops. My makeup has been condensed into one small makeup bag as I will be carrying it with me on the plane, and I bought two magazines today at the grocery store.

I still have to buy: A pair of shorts, activity books and other doo-dads for Leila’s carryon, two books for me to take in my carryon, two or three shirts for me, another set of pajamas for me, some random things like face wipes, oh and I need to look for a purse.

I fly out in a day and a half.


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