The Happiest Place on Earth

August 19, 2009

Since I refused to buy anything besides food at Disneyland, I have retained some of my hippie mother cred, right? RIGHT?!

(I am not a hippie, I just parent like one. We have lots of conversations about our feelings and our behavior in my house and very little spanking.)

So! Bulletin pointed list of happenings at Disneyland! (Bullet points: the lazy blogger’s best friend.)  (Or the tired blogger. Or the blogger who woke up all kinds of a mess because of the time change AND ALSO with the kind of headache that makes her want to cry and pay $35 for FOUR migraine pills because her insurance makes no sense sometimes. Not that any of these things apply to me. Ahem.)

  • we waited in line for two hours to meet princesses…they were all incredibly sweet and fabulous little actresses
  • Leila cried and cringed throughout the jungle tour and Princess Aurora’s castle, but loved Space Mountain and wanted to go again
  • a close friend from high school who works at Disneyland let us line-jump in Pixie Hollow and meet Tinkerbell which led us to say “They’re made from dandelion puffs!” for the rest of the weekend. (Tinkerbell had cute shoes, what can I say?)
  • one thing I could not get over–how much they made normal, though very pretty, young girls (ah, girls my age or younger, which I guess is not so much young as young-ish?) look so similar to these animated characters with wigs and makeup and copious amounts of glitter
  • another thing I couldn’t get over–how many people looked absolutely miserable and unhappy to be there, as if they were just forcing themselves through the day. As we were waiting in line to meet the princesses (FOR TWO DAMN HOURS) we watched three overly-tanned people from Europe with perfect button noses and hellishly shrewish expressions who barely spoke to each other the entire time. Three adults, waiting to meet princesses, and looking not in the least pleased. I couldn’t understand why they just didn’t get out of line and do something else.
  • every single person who worked in the park was a complete delight
  • the same cannot be said about many of the visitors–Amanda, my little pit bull, nearly threw down with a rude woman who yelled at a poor girl informing us that the haunted mansion was closed. Three rides went down at the same time in Frontierland, which is bad luck and all, but it isn’t as if there weren’t eight million other things to do. Amanda growled, “LEAVE HER ALONE. SHE’S JUST DOING HER JOB. IT ISN’T HER FAULT,” and I ran away before they started throwing punches…
  • no one appeared to have any idea that they should watch where they were going–I spent the entire day being slammed into by various people of all shapes and sizes. This ended my night on a delightful note as a teenager ran into me, I tried to dodge him, tripped, and kicked the back of David’s shoe so hard I broke my pinkie toe and saw stars. Stupid toes, always sticking out and begging for punishment.
  • the look of wonderment on Leila’s face as we watched Fantasmic made everything, broken toe and all, worth it. Her little rosebud mouth falling open into a perfect ‘O’ as Mickey banished the evil witch was everything I’d been hoping to see

More on our trip tomorrow! I’m so glad to be home, but leaving gets harder every time.


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