Whoa. Senior moments, so soon?

August 30, 2009

I came home, exhausted, dragging Leila with one hand and groceries in the other. I took out the trash, unloaded the groceries, and changed into jammies.  Stared at the fridge. Sighed. Decided to make my favorite late-night dinner: deli ham and mustard on Hawaiian King sweet rolls. Three is a perfect number for the little snackwiches. God, you know you’re tired when making a sandwich with three ingredients seems like too much work. The rolls are hard–I keep them in the fridge because everything molds in the summer–and so I cut them in half and open the microwave.

Where a carton of butter pecan ice cream sits, completely melted.

I can only guess that in my half-dead state Friday night, after indulging in a massive bowl of ice cream atop a Mrs. Field’s cookie (what, jeans? My ass is growing? I can’t imagine why.) I put the ice cream in the microwave instead of the freezer… I had to text my brother, the man who once stuck our remote control in the fridge and then, with growing puzzlement, helped us search the entire living room for it. Obviously it’s genetic.


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