In Which I am So Dorky It Hurts…

October 11, 2009

Our short break is over, and…(Okay. It wasn’t that short. I’m sorry.)

(Why does Rachel Zoe say “lit-rally” every five seconds? Is she unfamiliar with the actual definition/pronunciation?)

Yesterday I dorked out. Now, I say this as if it is something that doesn’t happen very often, but actually I am a huge nerd. I mock David and his WoW-playing but then I sit online all day and read blogs and belong to a message board — the very one where I met David — and I read Laurell K. Hamilton books (everyone at work makes fun of me. Not for the books themselves, but for the reading.) and various other nerdy things.

But! Yesterday was absolutely the dorkiest I’ve ever been. And this is coming from the girl who met not one but TWO significant others online. What happened to bring out my most socially awkward, nerdtastic self? Y’all. I met Amalah. I’ve been reading her blog since…2005? Maybe before? And due to the intimate (somewhat falsely intimate, but still intimate) nature of blogging, I feel like I know a lot about her. So of course I went awkward and stalker-y instead of “I’m such a fan!” which is what I should have said. But of course, what is life without a shit-ton of “shouldas” — you know? But she was COMPLETELY sweet and cute, and her husband? Super adorable. And also tall.

When I was done blushing (my face was BRIGHT red. My associates were like, “Um, Jackie? Are you okay? You look like you’re going to pass out.” See? Dorky?) I immediately twittered. Because I needed to complete the dorky trifecta–a) meeting blogger and acting like she’s the president b)calling my boyfriend and squeeing–loudly–over said meeting and c)twittering incoherently about it.

Amy? I’m sorry I acted like a stalker. I swear I’m not going to hunt you down in the middle of the night. I was just really, really excited, and what I meant to say was: Thanks for sharing your life with us. And you looked WAY too cute for someone with two kids. Jeez. How do you get ready with them clinging to your legs? I can barely do it, and I only have one.


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