October 23, 2009

I’m off work (!!!) for five (!!!) days while David is in town (!!!) and I am sitting on the couch while David, J, and Amanda teach Leila how to play Sorry. I was not aware that David has a latent competitive streak which might come of growing up with two brothers, and he is matched by Amanda’s wicked, pouty, aggressive brand of “I ARE THE WINNAR,” — so naturally he is enjoying beating her ass. He also just “sorry’d” my five year old kid. I anxiously await his white-boy victory dance.

We normally spend these stay-cations running around the DC area at the frantic pace of PCP-fueled lab rats, but this time we haven’t done much of anything except for eat ourselves into oblivion. Yesterday we ate a boat of sushi and three appetizers while initiating my coworker Ashley–it was her very first time eating any sushi besides California Rolls. (Which I HATE.) She discovered that she does not like tuna, though she ate an admirable amount of everything else. Tonight we gorged on Mexican, and this morning we tried donuts at The Fractured Prune. (I had a rolo donut. It was food-gasmic.) We also shopped yesterday, buying epic amounts of candy at Marshalls. (Protip: Don’t buy things that contain nuts at discount emporiums like Marshalls. The nuts in everything I bought are ever so slightly off.) (But I got the biggest Toblerone I have ever seen.)

This is probably my last vacation for a bit as Holiday is approaching quickly–it’s pretty much all downhill after October begins–and since I work in retail I will be busy dealing with crazed customers and stressed associates. One last hurrah and I won’t see David until after Christmas. Sometimes during Holiday Amanda and I don’t see each other for weeks with our weird hours. (And yes, by the way, if you worked in retail it would be Holiday with an upper-case H, too.)

Leila just won! I won last night. Obviously it’s in the genes.


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