Leila is really buying into the whole Christmas Creep thing…we bought this tee shirt before Halloween.

christmas creep


It got cold really quickly this year, with hardly any in-between days! (Yes, she is posing in front of my ironing board. She was whining about being too hot and I had to snap this picture FAST. She’ll never be a supermodel, posing for hours on end without complaint.)


Me: “If you want to sit on the couch and watch TV, you have to pick up your toys.”

(five minutes of silence, I walk around the corner to see this:)

messy room

Me: “I thought you were picking up your toys! What is this mess?!”

Leila: “I’m PLAYING.”

Well, of course. Playing always requires a headdress to rival the queen’s and a mess to rival something on Clean House.

(I could not figure out how to post these pictures and had to edit this post eight hundred times.)

  • Yesterday all the traffic lights in Montgomery County were broken. I often read on the bus in the evening, and while Leila was with me, she was asleep, so I didn’t notice anything was wrong for a bit. Then it took us a half an hour to get to Medical Center Station, which is the first metro station on my way home (we hit Medical Center and Bethesda, then I get off right before Silver Spring) — I buried myself in my book so that the time would go by faster, and the next thing I knew we were at a standstill, caught between Bethesda and Silver Spring, not moving for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes is a long time in traffic years. It’s not as if the bus is a comfortable place to be stuck. This morning due to further problems Leila was fifteen minutes late to school, which was the cause of much sobbing and dramatics. As I ran into the office, windswept and out of breath, another mother was at my heels with HER tearful child. At least my child isn’t the only drama queen this side of the Potomac.
  • I love the Anita Blake books.  I also hate them. They’re like brain candy–they taste good, but they’re bad for you. It has honestly devolved into erotica at this point, which is awesome if that’s what you’re after, but I’m not in need of erotica. I want to read about the vampires, the monsters, Anita’s feelings on turning into a monster, her conflict over being a necromancer, and Richard’s struggle to become the Ulfric his pack needs. My inner nerd (Um, who am I kidding with this inner nerd shit? My nerd self, period) is very into vampires and werewolves and the horror genre. The first eight or so books are freaking awesome, and then suddenly there’s so much sex that I only read half the book because I start skipping the pages. I only need Micah to tell Anita that she’s his Nimir-Raj once per book, thanks. And I like the characters, too, but they get virtually no development besides telling us how hot they all are. Also, LKH, you might have a thing for long hair and big, erm, appendages, but not all of your readers do. Can you mix it up a little? And the dropped storylines, my God, woman, who is your editor? You should punch them. In fact, I’ll do it for you.
  • Um, I had more. I had multiple bullet points, I swear to you. It really does seems stupid to only have two bullet points,  but I guess that’s what I have for you. At least you get a post?