For Your Viewing Pleasure…

November 7, 2009

Leila is really buying into the whole Christmas Creep thing…we bought this tee shirt before Halloween.

christmas creep


It got cold really quickly this year, with hardly any in-between days! (Yes, she is posing in front of my ironing board. She was whining about being too hot and I had to snap this picture FAST. She’ll never be a supermodel, posing for hours on end without complaint.)


Me: “If you want to sit on the couch and watch TV, you have to pick up your toys.”

(five minutes of silence, I walk around the corner to see this:)

messy room

Me: “I thought you were picking up your toys! What is this mess?!”

Leila: “I’m PLAYING.”

Well, of course. Playing always requires a headdress to rival the queen’s and a mess to rival something on Clean House.

(I could not figure out how to post these pictures and had to edit this post eight hundred times.)


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