Practically Summer

January 15, 2010

So it was a downright balmy 51 degrees here in our lovely nation’s capitol today, and if I were a better person I probably would’ve gone for a run or some other “New Year, New You” activity but instead I crawled back in bed and slept for three glorious hours. During the school year I don’t sleep past 8am on any given day as I take Leila to school on my days off and the days when I work a later shift. Normally I would have at least one day a week when I could sleep in and catch up on sleep but those days have disappeared now that Christmas break is over.  I am also the worst nap-taker in the world–I cannot seem to fall asleep completely and my stomach will tighten into anxious knots. But as I had only been awake for the hour and a half it took me to ready Leila for school, take her to school, and get home, after I read Dame Agatha’s gentle storytelling for a bit I passed right out. And it felt AWESOME. When I woke up, rumpled but rested, the sun was out and I saw my neighbors out in the parking lot in their tee shirts. This was perhaps a little overoptimistic on their parts but putting on a light jacket instead of my (extremely adorable but frankly I’m tired of it) red winter coat cheered me immensely.

In two weeks I’m visiting David and I’m THRILLED that he is having a warm SoCal winter and it should be around 74 degrees every day that I am there. God bless Irvine. I think it will help to bring me out of the winter blues that have been flying around my head for these past few weeks. (I’m lying. Months? Yeah, probably months.)  Five days of sunshine with the man I love? Better than Prozac. (Well, for me. Since Prozac turned me into some sort of psychotic zombie. Hint: don’t treat a bipolar chick with antidepressants alone.)

In summary: beautiful day, vacation soon, and I’M BACK.


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