Doings and Buyings

March 9, 2011

So…something exciting happened about two weeks ago. It involved a very, very shiny diamond and a lovely, delicate setting–and is now residing on the fourth finger of my left hand. I have a few pictures for you! I took photos with my phone but they are not the best. I will later update with good photos. My favorite things about the ring are the delicate setting and the fact that the diamond is actually the highest grade for colorless that you can get. It makes it incredibly gorgeous. The true shininess cannot be captured by my cell phone.

First picture of the ring!




He's lucky I took it off.

I feel as if he's showing you how fat my fingers are.


This is the best it's going to get with my cell.

I was considering a ring by Wendy Brandes but it was really out of our current price range…I’m hoping to get it for our five year anniversary–it was this gorgeous Luna Ring.

This is the most exciting thing–but now that I’ve started trying to plan a wedding, it’s become a little terrifying. Today I’m going with my fellow engaged friend to look at bridal gowns. We swore we wouldn’t go to David’s Bridal but now that I see how expensive wedding dresses are…we changed our minds.

I have a mind full of awesome ideas but a budget that is severely limiting. I am willing to do about 75% of the work, and buy things from swap meets and farmer’s markets, which reduces the prices, but venues in this area are priced astronomically. Being outside of LA has its disadvantages. However, if all goes well, I will be updating with my cool ideas, my dress, and also my general craziness. I also keep meaning to tell the story of how I named my blog, which a few friends have asked about. Also! I am going to make cake pops for my favors and I am REALLY excited to let you know how my practice runs go. (Also, put good thoughts out there in the universe for Bakerella, who is ill and needs all the happy vibes you can send.)



Oops, I said Luna Ring when I meant Venus! I do love the Luna ring but I couldn’t afford it unless I won the lottery. The Venus ring is up my alley…I love costume jewelry, but a bit expensive for a non-engagement ring. In my world. Not in Wendy’s I assume. 🙂 Someday I will be able to buy the many things I love from her site. Ah, to own the Marie Antoinette


2 Responses to “Doings and Buyings”

  1. WendyB said

    Big congrats and I love the ring! But hon, I do things for under $1,000! No one should be shy about asking me for engagement ring prices!

  2. Jackie Joy said

    Well, I sent you a message through your website, but never heard back? Perhaps we can work together on a wedding band, then! I wasn’t fond of the one they tried to sell me.

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