New Resolutions

February 29, 2012

I, in approximately 25 days or so, will be 30. 30 is old. 30 depresses me in an intangible and entirely stupid way. I never had a “things to do before I turned 30” list but if I DID have one, I wouldn’t have finished a damn thing on it.

But! It’s not too late to make a new list, and not pressure myself by putting things like, “GET MARRIED DAMMIT” or “HAVE A FUCKING BABY” on it. How about some things that I could actually and legitimately start doing without adding too much pressure or fear to my life?

Behold, my list of 4 things to work on during year 30 (and the rest of my life):

1) Blog like I mean it

2) Cook more

3) Exercise more, to help keep that cooking off

4) Keep a clean and Zen house


Here we go–day 1 starts tomorrow!