In Which I Am a Hipster Again, Some More.

August 13, 2013

Leila is gone for the summer, which means I have been doing a whole lot of things I am not normally “allowed” to do, like throwing wild parties or laying on the couch reading Harry Potter all day, or watching True Blood, which has so much swearing and gore it should be in its own category of television show–(Game of Thrones belongs there, too.)

It is a perk of being young and divorced and having the situation we have–we each get to pretend we are young and childless and carefree at times. I enjoy about 80% of that time before I start to miss my child something fierce and want her to come home and get a little whiny.

BUT ANYWAY, let’s talk about fun stuff! I had a party and there were about 25 people jammed into my little townhouse. In the kitchen we were rosy cheeked and  giggling, cinnamon whiskey burning our throats, small puddles from the shot glasses all over the floor and we just couldn’t stop laughing.

Since we don’t have a whining child to impair our explorations, we hunted around the OC Mix and found some interesting things (Have you been there? GO THERE.) Mostly the Cheese Shop and the restaurant shop, Surfas..We tried some lavender anise cheese (amazing!) with a lime/chili fruit compote (delectable) along with Lavender Honey Drops (hard on the outside, honey on the inside, yum…) and salt caramels. There’s lots of gorgeous jewelry in the mix, as well as a garden shop, a tea shop, and AMAZING coffee. (But $6 freaking dollars for an iced coffee, however good, is outrageous!)

Surfas is a restaurant supply shop that is open to the public and they have everything. I loved it in there and could have spent hours. (I was dragging along my two favorite guys though and I think they were a bit over it.)

I intend to see if the Lab has cool stuff like the Mix does.


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