I forgot to tell you…

August 14, 2013

BTW, I totally got married in my absence. So, sorry about that. Pictures, to make it better? (I can never remember how to insert photos so…uno momento.)

























Leila is gone for the summer, which means I have been doing a whole lot of things I am not normally “allowed” to do, like throwing wild parties or laying on the couch reading Harry Potter all day, or watching True Blood, which has so much swearing and gore it should be in its own category of television show–(Game of Thrones belongs there, too.)

It is a perk of being young and divorced and having the situation we have–we each get to pretend we are young and childless and carefree at times. I enjoy about 80% of that time before I start to miss my child something fierce and want her to come home and get a little whiny.

BUT ANYWAY, let’s talk about fun stuff! I had a party and there were about 25 people jammed into my little townhouse. In the kitchen we were rosy cheeked and  giggling, cinnamon whiskey burning our throats, small puddles from the shot glasses all over the floor and we just couldn’t stop laughing.

Since we don’t have a whining child to impair our explorations, we hunted around the OC Mix and found some interesting things (Have you been there? GO THERE.) Mostly the Cheese Shop and the restaurant shop, Surfas..We tried some lavender anise cheese (amazing!) with a lime/chili fruit compote (delectable) along with Lavender Honey Drops (hard on the outside, honey on the inside, yum…) and salt caramels. There’s lots of gorgeous jewelry in the mix, as well as a garden shop, a tea shop, and AMAZING coffee. (But $6 freaking dollars for an iced coffee, however good, is outrageous!)

Surfas is a restaurant supply shop that is open to the public and they have everything. I loved it in there and could have spent hours. (I was dragging along my two favorite guys though and I think they were a bit over it.)

I intend to see if the Lab has cool stuff like the Mix does.


August 12, 2013

People have never believed me when I say I’ve worked in retail for almost 15 years.” You’re not old enough!” they like to exclaim, which has always annoyed me a bit. Am I so pathetic I’d lie about the length of time I’ve been in retail? Really? I started in high school and never stopped until now, when I’ve decided to let go of my safety blanket and stay at home with Leila, which is sad and thrilling and terrifying all at once.

I am terrified of The Smirk. You know The Smirk. If you work outside the home you’ve probably given it; if you are a stay at home mom you’ve gotten it. The smirk means–“You stay at home and eat bon-bons all day. You don’t understand my tortured life of blue screens and shitty bosses. You don’t understand how good the hair of the girl in the cubicle next door smells and HOLY BEJEEZUS YOUR CHILD JUST BARFED.”

I will punch you in your face if you give you give me The Smirk, bitches–I put in my time.

I have big plans, but you, dear readers, know I always have big plans. My daughter ALSO has big plans and those big plans might be a little more likely to come to fruition as she is one pesky little buttface.


We shall see what we shall see, but I vow to try to brush the cobwebs off this place more often.

New Resolutions

February 29, 2012

I, in approximately 25 days or so, will be 30. 30 is old. 30 depresses me in an intangible and entirely stupid way. I never had a “things to do before I turned 30” list but if I DID have one, I wouldn’t have finished a damn thing on it.

But! It’s not too late to make a new list, and not pressure myself by putting things like, “GET MARRIED DAMMIT” or “HAVE A FUCKING BABY” on it. How about some things that I could actually and legitimately start doing without adding too much pressure or fear to my life?

Behold, my list of 4 things to work on during year 30 (and the rest of my life):

1) Blog like I mean it

2) Cook more

3) Exercise more, to help keep that cooking off

4) Keep a clean and Zen house


Here we go–day 1 starts tomorrow!

Doings and Buyings

March 9, 2011

So…something exciting happened about two weeks ago. It involved a very, very shiny diamond and a lovely, delicate setting–and is now residing on the fourth finger of my left hand. I have a few pictures for you! I took photos with my phone but they are not the best. I will later update with good photos. My favorite things about the ring are the delicate setting and the fact that the diamond is actually the highest grade for colorless that you can get. It makes it incredibly gorgeous. The true shininess cannot be captured by my cell phone.

First picture of the ring!




He's lucky I took it off.

I feel as if he's showing you how fat my fingers are.


This is the best it's going to get with my cell.

I was considering a ring by Wendy Brandes but it was really out of our current price range…I’m hoping to get it for our five year anniversary–it was this gorgeous Luna Ring.

This is the most exciting thing–but now that I’ve started trying to plan a wedding, it’s become a little terrifying. Today I’m going with my fellow engaged friend to look at bridal gowns. We swore we wouldn’t go to David’s Bridal but now that I see how expensive wedding dresses are…we changed our minds.

I have a mind full of awesome ideas but a budget that is severely limiting. I am willing to do about 75% of the work, and buy things from swap meets and farmer’s markets, which reduces the prices, but venues in this area are priced astronomically. Being outside of LA has its disadvantages. However, if all goes well, I will be updating with my cool ideas, my dress, and also my general craziness. I also keep meaning to tell the story of how I named my blog, which a few friends have asked about. Also! I am going to make cake pops for my favors and I am REALLY excited to let you know how my practice runs go. (Also, put good thoughts out there in the universe for Bakerella, who is ill and needs all the happy vibes you can send.)



Oops, I said Luna Ring when I meant Venus! I do love the Luna ring but I couldn’t afford it unless I won the lottery. The Venus ring is up my alley…I love costume jewelry, but a bit expensive for a non-engagement ring. In my world. Not in Wendy’s I assume. 🙂 Someday I will be able to buy the many things I love from her site. Ah, to own the Marie Antoinette

Faves and Raves

February 14, 2011

I thought that since I am suffering from writer’s block in a major way I would write about a few of my favorite things. And they are not raindrops on roses or any of that other muck–more like blush and shoes.

I recently bought Benefit’s Bella Bamba Blush from Sephora and it is gorgeous on my fair, freckled skin. It’s the perfect shade of “When will it be spring?” pink and has just enough sparkle to brighten your complexion but not so much that you look like you threw glitter on your face. I like to put it on the apples of my cheeks and then a light swipe across my forehead and down the middle of my nose for a bit of natural color. It smells divine and has a perfect little brush.

Brights are in style for spring (on your face and otherwise) so I dug out my MAC Hello Kitty lipgloss in sweet strawberry. I wish I could link it for you but it’s one of those specialty collections from a year or two ago. (Yeah, yeah, I should’ve thrown it away but it’s a lovely color and I just can’t bear to part with pretty lip gloss.) I’m actually a bit of a wimp about lip color and usually buy very neutral pinks and mauves. I have NO natural color on my lips whatsoever so I have to wear something. It’s just usually a very light something. I often wear Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lip Gloss in the exact shade pictured (it goes on very sheer) or Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten. (I own about five Lip Glazes, but Kitten is the only one I wear regularly. It’s a weekend color, very sheer and nice for a low-key makeup look.) However, as I get older (29 next month, people!) I really want to try new things and switch my look up a bit. So I really stepped out of the box (convinced by every fashion magazine on the planet and also Wendy Brandes’ bold lips) (I’m too shy for red lips, so…) after having seen a million bright lips I convinced myself to buy MAC’s Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass which is much more bright-coral-y than one would imagine from the photo.

I’m also really loving the sandals and wedges that are coming out for spring. I don’t often wear heels because I spend all day on my feet, but I’m loving these chunky wedges from Steven by Steve Madden–I’ve always had a weakness for gray shoes.  These flowered Kate Spade flats are gorgeous but there’s a cheaper option by Report that would do just fine for those pesky summer weddings that take place on the beach. Or, you know, with boyfriend jeans and a lacy top. I love the juxtaposition of distressed jeans with feminine tops and accessories. I absolutely love the structure of these Philip Lim t-straps but they’re for girls who don’t have to run around after six year olds and cook dinner in PJs.  (And who doesn’t have four loads of laundry waiting to be folded…so I should probably go.)

Le Sigh

February 7, 2011

I have a nasty habit of taking things too seriously. Everything, from relationships to shopping trips, becomes a huge ordeal that I think upon for weeks at a time. This is keeping me from blogging because I am busy overthinking every sentence I write.


I have promised myself that I will stop this overthinking and so I will return tomorrow and maybe I will post about fashion or maybe I will post about California but I will NOT think about it all night tonight.

Part one of an ongoing list that will last forever and ever and I will think of it every day because I HATE THE WAY MOST PEOPLE TALK. Ugh.

1. Innovative

2. Eco-Friendly

3. Legitimate


October 13, 2010

Between tonight’s episode of Parenthood and the continual footage of Chilean miners being rescued, I haven’t maintained dry eyes for more than ten minutes at a time.

And I just realized I have to change the time zone on this thing so it doesn’t look like I post in the wee hours of the night. I don’t ever stay up that late, y’all. Trust.

Uh…that is all.

Unscheduled Hiatus

October 12, 2010

Okay, so maybe I was gone for a little while. A big while. Whatever. (I have a signature gesture that accompanies my “whatever” statements. I’m sorry you’re missing it.) But anyway. I did things. I was busy! Besides the approximately eight thousand loads of laundry, I accomplished the following maaaaaaaaaaajor tasks:

  • I moved across the country.
  • I transferred to a new store.
  • I enrolled my kid in a snooty-style private school. (Where she promptly got sent to the office for wearing the wrong color of knee socks. For real, y’all? For this much money, she should be able to wear neon pink socks if her little heart desires.)
  • *We* moved in with David.
  • I bought jeggings.

…What? Jeggings are SERIOUS BUSINESS. Even the taste of the word in my mouth hurts…but y’all, they look great on my butt. My ankles look positively demure. And they look perfect with my favorite comfy ballet flats and an easy tee shirt. I have converted.

Anyhow. I am back. I live in Orange County now. I am cohabitating with an actual boy-type person. My kid is in first grade. Welcome back to my life.